AT MC-21 Corporation our goal is to provide our clients with products and services of the highest quality, while protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and security of their information. New legislation requires that we provide our privacy policy in writing.

The personal information that we receive, where we obtain it and what we do with it

We receive the necessary information for the administration of our business, such as your name, your assigned identification number, address and telephone number. MC-21 does not divulge personal information about you to companies or organizations that are not affiliated with us, except for the purpose permitted by law which are described as follows. In accordance with the law and without prior authorization, we can provide information for payment purposes that pertains to you in our records to persons or organizations such as; persons that do business with us; insurance companies in order that they can perform their functions in insurance transactions; public order authorities; and persons that solicit information in accordance with a judicial or court order or on behalf of an administrative agency.

How we protect your personal information

We limit access to your information to only those employees that need it to provide services that we offer and the requested products, or when it is required to comply with local and federal laws and regulations. When we share personal information with companies that work representing us, we protect that personal information as required by law in accordance with confidentiality agreements that obligate those companies with our standards of keeping any information you provide confidential. Except in the cases mentioned this policy, we will not divulge or use that information unless it is authorized previously in writing. If MC-21 needs to divulge or use your information, except for those cases authorized by law, we will send you an authorization request that you would sign, date and return.

We also send communications regarding the necessity to protect your information to those persons with access to it and we have established physical and electronic safeguards and procedures to protect that information. The information about you is only available to those in other companies who provide services to us to administer or process your claim. MC-21 will not divulge nor use information about your state of health that is contained in our records without first getting written authorization by you or if it is permitted by state and federal regulation. Once you have signed and dated an authorization request giving your consent, you still reserve the right to revoke this authorization through a written, signed and dated communication.

At MC-21, we keep our records as accurate as possible. We do what is necessary to maintain precise information about you and gladly make corrections as needed when you notify us. However, we cannot control the accuracy of information compiled and provided by third parties, and you should notify third parties directly if you believe that the information we have received from them is not accurate. We reserve the right to modify or substitute this privacy policy at any time.